• Awo the Sleuth and the Case of the Night Knocker

    Age Range: 10 – 15 years

    PAT-PAT-PAT, the sound came again!

    “It came from the roof!” Owura said.

    “Well, dear me, what could be on the roof at this time of the night?” Mrs Boahene murmured.

    This vacation ten-year old Awo Boahene is determined to have a great many adventures. She loves mystery books and she is prepared to have many mystery-adventures while school is out.

    But Awo soon learns that there’s a mystery-adventure coming right down to her doorstep – and it’s a frightful one! What is the dreadful PATTING sound that comes from their roof only at night – and why is there a terrible THUMPING at their front door but never anyone there? One thing is for sure – the Boahenes have a spooky visitor that comes in the dead of night and Awo intends to solve the mystery of the Night Knocker.

  • Madam High Heel

    Age Range: 9+ years

    Every knew the mischief and cantankerous behavior of Agyekum at Sir Good Leaf Boys Academy, a school that prides itself for discipline and academic brilliance.

    However, when his deviant behavior becomes anti-social to the point where he causes bodily, harm to the much-liked Ms. Philips, things had to change.

    In comes the new substitute teacher, Ms. Helen Eel and, for once, Agyekum pranks cannot trip her

    One night, the legend of madam high heels hits Sir Goodleaf. The ‘click clacks’ footfalls of the one high heeled, red-gowned ghost appear to scare everyone but Agyekum.

    Will the much-dreaded Madam High Heels be able to reform the stiff-necked Agyekum, or would he meet a grimmer end?


    Madam High Heel


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