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Ma Yɛnsua Asante Twi (Kasa ne Amammerɛ) Mfitiaseɛ Nwoma 4

Written and edited by a team of experienced Asante Twi teachers and experts, this book is structured on the 2019 Standards-Based Curriculum issued by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) of the Ministry of Education. It comprehensively covers all strands and sub-strands outlined in the curriculum namely: Oral Language (Listening & Speaking), Reading, Writing & Composition and Writing Conventions/Usage.

Content is age appropriate and language is carefully selected and reviewed by language consultants to ensure it is suitable for pupils in each grade.

The clear and accessible layout and design facilitates learning.

Illustrations are clear and colourful, making the book very attractive and appealing to pupils.

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S. Banning-Peprah


Red Oak Limited


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