Icon Series: Phonics for Nursery


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Age Range: 3 – 5 years

Icon Phonics for Nursery has been specially prepared to teach learners the letters of the English alphabet. The sounds of the letters of the alphabet have been carefully and systematically arranged to enable learners cope with the learning of the sounds. Every letter sound has been matched with everyday objects or things learners can identify. This is to make learning easier for them. Under each letter sounds, learners will have to perform the activity of colouring a letter and object that matches the letter sounds.

This will help learners learn the letter sounds faster and commit them to memory. After learning every 3 or 4 letter sounds, a practice activity is given at the end. This is to further test whether learners have learnt the sounds well. The variety of activities make it fun for learners and help them to further remember the sounds.

Learners after using this book will be versed in the sounds of the alphabet as foundation to the next class which will focus on learning the vowels and combining consonant and vowels to form simple words. Teachers, parents and learners will find this phonics book interesting to use.

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Icon Series: Phonics for Nursery


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