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Bookset: The Adventures of Naughty Kofi (5 books)

Age Range: 6 – 11 years

Kofi Opoku lives in Botikrom. He is a clever boy who likes to play tricks and is always getting into trouble.
The church harvest is approaching and Kofi has been on his best behaviour much to everyone’s surprise. Kofi Opoku is up to his old tricks again but this time it seems his latest trick has angered a ghost and the ghost is out to get him! Kofi’s neighbour, Mama Caro, hurts her ankle and cannot take care of her chicken coop so Kofi’s mother enlists him to help out. Kofi’s mother has been asked to sew a wedding dress, for the daughter of one of the richest women in Botikrom. All seems well, until…
Kofi and his father play a visit to the Upper East region. It’s Kofi’s first time in the northern part of Ghana and he will never forget meeting a crocodile and encountering an angry guinea fowl!
Join Naughty Kofi on his many adventures!
The titles in this set are:
– Kofi and the Sack of Sticky Feathers
– Kofi and the Bucket of Powder
– Kofi and the Ghost
– Kofi and The Wedding Dress
– Kofi and the Poisoned River


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Nana Ama Buckman


Buck Press Limited


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