Adwinsa: Science for Primary Schools Learner’s Book 5


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Science for Primary School for Basic 1 to 6 textbooks have been carefully developed by practising science facilitators and educationists to provide essential science education for the success of the new educational reform.


  • The six books cover all the materials in the Primary Science Syllabus for basic 1 to 6 learners.
  • They comprehensively satisfy all the curriculum objectives outlined in the reforms for primary science.
  • Essential scientific knowledge, skills and desirable scientific attitudes have been carefully distilled and delivered in simple but unadulterated scientific language that is user-friendly.
  • The books have followed the innovative scientific concepts harvested from the internet, books and magazines and carefully produced concepts, attitudes, experiments and project works that will stimulate learners to imbibe critical, innovative and development-oriented studies.
  • The books follow a systematic teaching and learning plan that breaks the myth surrounding science and technology as a difficult subject for a selected few and has intentionally made them user-friendly to all learners alike.
  • The learning indicators for each content standard are captured and explained to inform the user on general objectives to be obtained for all the strands of the new curriculum.

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Adwinsa: Science for Primary Schools Learner's Book 5


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