A Yard Full of Sons


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Age Range: 6+ years

Nafeesa was born in ancient Ghana where girls were only meant to marry and produce a yard full of sons.

Nafeesa knew her destiny but it did not stop her from dreaming she was a boy and studying hard in school.

What happens to her dreams?

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Samelia Bawuah

Samelia has always been an avid reader. She has been reading since she was three years old, hence her complete understanding of what young people enjoy reading.

Having had the opportunity to go to school in Ghana, United States of America and Britain, she has had the opportunity to experience other cultures apart from her own. On her numerous travels, she came to the realization that kids all over the world are the same; they have the same dreams and aspirations and picking up a book can transport them just about anywhere they want to go.

Happy Reading with Samelia.

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