Book of the Week: Eʋegbefiala: Ewe-English/English-Ewe Dictionary – with Proverbs

Eʋegbefiala: Ewe-English/English-Ewe Dictionary – with Proverbs (Eʋe)

Editor: Aseye Mawupenya Dzobo

Eʋegbefiala is an indispensable reference book for lovers of the Ewe language and for all students from intermediate level upwards. It’s exceptionally clear layout and detailed treatment of the language makes it an ideal Ewe Language reference book.

The Dictionary contains a number of popular Ewe proverbs and their interpretation, names of the week and month in Ewe, some animals, parts of the human body, some common expression in Ewe among others.

Over 8,000 words and phrases

Over 300 proverbs

A handy Dictionary with all the words you need everyday

More than 100 two-color pictures and illustrations to explain complex topics at a glance

Available via

Note: Not sold with the palmwine and the groundnuts 🙂

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