Book of the Week: Kings, Priests, and Kinsmen

Kings, Priests, and Kinsmen


This collection of E. A. Ammah’s ethnographic writing includes essays, some poetry, and other documents. Created over four decades, these pieces cover a wide range of topics including Ga culture in comparative perspective, Ga social organization, Ga political structure and history, Ga life transition ceremonies, and Ga religion. The collection provides a unique cultural insider’s twentieth century perspective on Ga society and history.

About the Author

During his lifetime E. A. Ammah (1900-1980) was celebrated as an expert on Ga culture and society. He was the first Ga person to speak on the radio and he published several essays in Ghanaian publications. As head of one of three royal houses, he was an active participant on the Ga Royal Council. As a devout Anglican, he sought to demonstrate the correspondences between Ga religion and Christianity and other world religions. E. A. Ammah’s ethnographic vision had two principal components: ensuring the accurate recording and interpretation of Ga institutions and positioning Ga culture within the context of other world cultures.

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