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There are various ways to navigate or search for books on

  1. Search Bar: The search bar is at the top of the home page or any product page which is opened – on desktop browsers. On mobile, you can assess the search bar by clicking the 3-bars at the left top corner of any page you are on. Enter the keywords (title of book, author name, subject or area of interest, publisher name, etc.) and the relevant books will be brought up for you to browse and select.
  2. On the homepage, a list of 12 hottest categories are listed for quick access. Click on any of these and you will be taken directly to the category of interest.

3. Select any book in a particular area of interest. At the bottom of the product page (after the book summary), there are category listings and also tags. Any of these category names or tags can be further used to bring up books in those areas of interest.

4. Search by Publisher, Author or Series: At the bottom of each book page, there is a set of book details (publisher, author name and series name – in some cases). Clicking on any of these will bring up the books by the same publisher or author, or in the series.

5. Finally, you can search for any book listed on directly via Google or any search browser. Just type the keywords and add ‘booknook ghana’ and you will be directed to the pages for the given book.

Special Note for Children’s books: You can browse by Age Range(s). Select any children’s book and use the method in Point (3) above.

Have fun browsing and enjoy your shopping!

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