They Had a Dream: The Civil Rights Struggle from Frederick Douglass to Marcus Garvey to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X


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In four riveting biographies, award-winning historian Jules Archer presents portraits of courage and determination and an encapsulated history of the civil rights struggle in the United States.

  • Frederick Douglass, born a slave, fought for his own and his people’s freedom from slavery.
  • Marcus Garvey, who led the Back to Africa movement, promoted black nationalism and black pride.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. organised millions of people and preached nonviolent civil disobedience to win equality through integration.
  • Malcolm X, raised on the streets and in prison, sought equal rights through confrontation and racial separation.

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Jules Archer

Jules Archer was an American author who wrote many volumes of non-fiction history for a general audience and for young adults.

Archer served four years during World War II with the Army Air Corps in the Pacific theater. He is the author of many books on U.S. history, political events, and personalities, including The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR, and Jungle Fighters: A G.I. War Correspondent's Experiences in the New Guinea Campaign.

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