The Road to Romeo


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K. Moses Nagbe, an African writer of Liberian origin, has written and taught for several years spanning at least two decades. That is not to mention his activities in other areas of his training including the legal profession. He presently holds a government post but equally pays full attention to scholarship. “In a land where grains of rains yearn for harvest,” says Nagbe, sticking in one slot of service is being idealístic.

To read him is to watch a choreography of human emotions. The Road To Romeo is a witness.

“You must be the wonderful lady. You must be the sweet darling. You must be – on, God – if only I would see Ivan and Samson, too.”

“That’s my wife – That’s Teka – Chris – Oh, Christ!” Romeo said half-choked with excitement. One of the two rushed to help him down. Another ran to get Teka.

As the tornado of war sweeps through the land, Mrs. Shirlee Copper fears that the other part of her family from which she has been torn is completely lost. Then Christiana, a fighter, shows up with Joan, the youngest child. Christiana, too, fears her husband is dead. Yet hope urges her to keep searching. Then one day, some men show up with a letter that fuels her flickering hope and propels her to finding her Romeo Alexander Sakpata Dinyea.

The Road to Romeo is a tableau of little but meaningful reasons for hope, which spring up when tragedies seem endless. This is a story of compassion showing the extent to which people can stretch themselves when the heart is prodded on to kindness.

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