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Sally and The Butterfly: A Choose Your Own Path Book

Age Range: 8+ years

Amani, Land of the Enchanted is under attack! Wicked and selfish Orbeasts have invaded the land with one purpose: the steal all the light, joy and hope from the Animals of Amani.

Ayla the Butterfly is the guardian of the Land. She has left through a secret passage in search of a very special girl to help save Amani. That girl’s name is Sally.

Sally lives in a place simply known as Town, where a great Sickness has taken over her people. The grown ups have told Sally that she is not big enough to help save her own Town, but Ayla knows that Sally is the only one who can save Amani, and begs her to join her in the kingdom.

What Sally decides to do is completely up to you! You must guide Sally through every decision. You decide if she goes to Amani or stays home. You decide if she must choose to be brave or give up when things get too hard.

The fate of Amani rests in Sally’s hands, but she cannot do it without you!

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Malaka Grant,

Poka Arts (Illustrator)


Malaka Grant


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