On The Road (Pacesetters)


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Another adventure for police special investigator Jonnie Malu. Jonnie is enjoying a holiday in Copenhagen when an urgent phone call summons him back to Lagos to investigate a series of daring bank robberies. Jonnie finds himself up against ruthless criminals, Brains, and Woldman, and has to resort to unusual tactics to bring them and their unknown leader to justice.

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Kalu Okpi

Kalu Okpi was born in Imo State, Nigeria. He spent some time studying law at the University of Nigeria before moving to New York University where he studied Film and Television. He is at present employed in the Nigerian Television Industry. Love is his seventh novel to be published in the Pacesetters series. The others are The Smugglers, On the Road, Cross-fire!, The South African Affair, Coup! and The Politician.

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On The Road (Pacesetters)