OCR: Victory History for Primary Schools Learner’s Book 4


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History is an important subject that helps people to learn about their past. This helps to understand the factors that have shaped our lives. History helps people to know their past, their culture and the values that society needs for development.

The general aim of the History Curriculum is to help learners become literate and very good problem solvers. This will help them to think creatively and be able to grow and contribute to the development of the nation.

This textbook has been designed to help learners develop the right skills and attitudes to lead Ghana into a developed nation.

The textbook is based on the new History curriculum issued by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) of Ministry of Education, 2019.

It covers the following areas:

STRAND 1: History as a Subject

STRAND 2: My Country Ghana

STRAND 3: Europeans in Ghana

STRAND 6: Independent Ghana


The textbook uses a lot of pictures, illustrations and activities that make learning interesting and easy.

It is our hope that both learners and teachers will find this book useful in teaching and learning the subject.

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OCR: Victory History for Primary Schools Learner's Book 4


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