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Obama: The Historic Front Pages

Celebrate a milestone in American history:

The election of President Barack Obama

Yes, he did! When Barack Obama became president-elect on November 4, 2008, he transformed Martin’s Luther King’s dream into reality. Obama, and the 66.3 million Americans who voted for him, proved to the world that all things are possible. And the day after, people from coast to coast lined up to buy newspapers as souvenirs. The demand was unprecedented, with stands and stores quickly selling out: USA Today sold an extra 380,000 copies, while the Atlanta Journal-Constitution went back to print five times.

Now, everyone can own a piece of history, thanks to this gorgeous commemorative album of front pages that capture Barack Obama’s extraordinary journey to the White House. Featuring newspapers both domestic and foreign, and depicting all the landmarks in this groundbreaking campaign—including the inauguration—Obama is a stunning keepsake for all who experienced this remarkable moment…and future generations, too.

• The only book to feature five historic speeches as well as front pages of three significant moments: when Obama won the Democratic nomination; when he became the first African-American elected president; and when he was sworn in

• Includes the historic speech “A More Perfect Union,” delivered at Constitution Hall,

Philadelphia, March 18, 2008

·  Includes newspapers from both America and around the world, with pull quotes and translations of foreign headlines

·  Stunning photos from the nomination and election plus original images of the inauguration shot especially for this book

• An introduction by Howard Dodson, director of the prestigious Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library



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