Mr Bempong’s House


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Age Range: 6 – 10 years

Who could have built such an imposing mansion? And was it true that behind the high walls lived a scary old man who had no tolerance for children? Oh, the Bimpongs caused such a stir when they moved onto Nim Tree Road!

Far too often, people let their imaginations run away with them. In Mr. Bempong’s House, Adwoa Badoe encourages children to find things out for themselves rather than swallow hearsay wholesale.

Follow Kojo through the great steel gates of the ‘White House’ and find out why.


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Adwoa Badoe

Dr Adwoa Badoe trained as a physician in her native Ghana but has evolved quite naturally into an African Griot.

She is an author, story teller and teacher of African dance and lives currently in Guelph Ontario. She grew up loving the traditional dances of Ghana, West Africa. Her interest in dance has led her to learn dances from other parts of Africa. Her classes and workshops have a unique and infectious vibrancy, capturing the essence of the people, their celebrations and their lives.

Adwoa's first Childrens book, Crabs for Dinner was published in 1995. Since then she has published The Queen's New Shoes, The Pot of Wisdom (a collection of Ananse Stories) and Nana's Cold Days.

She also writes for markets in Africa through Macmillan Educational and Smartline Publishing: Memuna's Baby, A Wedding Story, Radio Rescue and Street Girls.

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