Language Guide (Gonja Version)

The Gonja language which is spoken by the Gonjas is quite distinct from all the languages in the Northern and Upper Regions. It is rather akin to some languages in the South, particularly, the Guang languages.

Gonja-speaking area covers more than one third of the Northern Region. It shares boundaries with the Brong-Ahafo and Volta Region in the South, and the Dagombas, the Mamprussis and the Walas in the North.

Gonja is a tonal language and changes in meaning are brought about by tonal differences. It is to be noted that most questions end on a falling tone.

This booklet is intended to guide people who are not yet proficient in Gonja.

All persons learning Gonja will find that the Gonjas have the tendency to elide vowels and slur consonants. Final vowels are always elided before other vowels, and often before words beginning with consonants.

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Bureau of Ghana Languages


Bureau of Ghana Languages


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