Kofi and the Sack of Sticky Feathers (The Adventures of Naughty Kofi #1)


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Age Range: 6 – 11 years

Kofi Opoku lives in Botikrom. He is a clever boy who likes to play tricks and is always getting into trouble. His neighbour, Mama Caro hurts her ankle and cannot take care of her chicken coop so Kofi’s mother enlists him to help out. The naughtiest boy in Botikrom devises a mischievous plan that involves the feathers from the chickens and some carpenters’ glue. Find out how Kofi’s plan turns out!


Nana Ama Buckman

Nana Ama Buckman wanted to be a doctor, housewife, lawyer and psychologist before she realised she wanted to be a writer & publisher.

She has been a ‘serious Christian’ for about ten years and has found the whole experience life changing, exciting, scary and sometimes confusing. She shares some of her experiences in her first adult book, Confessions of an African Christian.

She is also the author of a series for children, The Adventure of Naughty Kofi. She lives in Accra, Ghana.

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