Jurgen Klinsmann (Hardcover)

Jurgen Klinsmann became the most popular German football player in the most popular game in the world.It’s not exactly by coincedence that this happened.Also it wasn’t coincedence that the successful sports journalist and novel writer. Hans Blickensdorfer tried to follow up on the roots and the secrets of such popularity.He foresaw the great career of Jurgen Klinsmann 15 years ago when Jurgen played with the Stuttgarter Kickers.A career which led Jurgen Klinsmann through four countries and to the honour of being Captain of the German National Team. Jurgen Klinsmann combines dedication and charisma as well as extraordinary skills in such a way that he enchanted the fans in England, the motherland of football,like no other foreigner before.

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Hans Blickensdorfer




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