Introduction to the Law of Torts in Ghana (Hardcover)

This book attempts to state the Law of Torts as it should apply in the Ghana legal stem. Article I I of the 1992 Constitution recognises the common law principles as they were received from the Anglo-American common law tradition as part of the Laws of Ghana. Section 54 of the Courts Act, 1993 (Act 459) provides that our courts may in the determination of any issue arising from the common law, adopt, develop and apply remedies from any other legal system based on the Anglo-American legal tradition.

In many contemporary common law countries, for example the UK and the USA, however, there has been an explosion of statutory interventions in the common law. This is reflected in the discussions of the common law principles in the recent editions of textbooks written in those countries. Unfortunately, these statutes are not “statutes of general application,” as this phrase is used and understood in the Ghana legal system. The admixture of these statutes and the common law in these countries makes the isolation of the parts of those books,  which are helpful to our causes in Ghana, a major challenge.

This book attempts to isolate what is usable from what is not. The hope of the author and the publishers is that the reader, whether a practitioner or student, will find the principles of torts law, as stated in the book, devoid of the statutory contaminations.

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Kofi Kumado


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