Reflections on the Supreme Court of Ghana (Hardcover)

The book is intended to be a contribution to comparative knowledge on what a final and constitutional court’s role and significance are to governance in a developing country.

It provides a recently retired judge’s insights into the substantive work and function of the Supreme Court in Ghanaian society and Ghana’s legal and political system.

The book throws light on the role played by the Supreme Court in the development of Ghanaian law and the laying of the foundation for Ghana’s constitutional democracy. The establishment of a constitutional democracy in Ghana has been an important factor in the nation’s development and the Supreme Court has had an important role to play in this process. It will also be invaluable to both academic and practising lawyers, as well as at non-lawyers interested in the function and operations of the Supreme Court.

The study of the Supreme Courts of emerging democracies should be given some emphasis in comparative law. It is hoped that the material contained in this book will contribute to the facilitation of such emphasis.


Table of Cases

Table of Domestic Legislation

Table of Foreign Legislation

Table of Constitutions




Table of Abbreviations


Chapter 1: The Supreme Court’s Position within the Court Structure of Ghana

Chapter 2: The Supreme Court as a Constitutional Court

Chapter 3: The Supreme Court as a Supervisor of Other Courts

Chapter 4: The Supreme Court as a Final Appellate Court

Chapter 5: The Supreme Court as a Review Court

Chapter 6: The Supreme Court as an Election Court

Chapter 7: Other Miscellaneous Jurisdictions of the Supreme Court

Chapter 8: The Judicial Process at the Supreme Court

Chapter 9: Some Landmark Decisions of the Supreme Court

Chapter 10: The Supreme Court’s Contribution to the Development of Ghanaian Law

Chapter 11: The Supreme Court’s Broader Societal Role

Chapter 12: Concluding Reflections


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Samuel K. Date-Bah


Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing


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