Glory is with God


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The book is a gripping account of a tussle between blind faith and reason. When Serenity falls in love with and marries Michael, she has no idea of the topsy turvy ride she is about to undertake. Their daughter Glory is born with congenital heart disease, which though serious is treatable by surgery. Michael believes that his daughter has been possessed by the ‘demon of the heart’, and he vehemently resists the surgery. Glory’s young life becomes a battle between Michael’s belief and Serenity’s desire to see their daughter healed at all costs.

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Selma Ramatu Al-Hassan

Selma Ramatu Al-Hassan is a Media Practitioner who is the author of ‘Tanofia’, ‘Scattered Trees of the Savannah’, ‘Perfidy’, ‘Era’, ‘The Red Billed Quelea’, ‘Glory is with God’, ‘Something Is Wrong With My Affairs’ and ‘The People of Idney’.

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