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You cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stay there. The first responsibility of every human must be the quest to identify the SELF. Have you built a foundation that can stand the load of life, or you have built a life that can wave at the load? Do you know yourself and your purpose? What defines you? Are you living for something bigger than yourself?

Achievement is a sublime feeling that deludes our yearning for more into a state of satisfaction. It is never enough to be content with where you are. That is mediocrity. However, the struggles of life swing us up and down, back and forth, daily. We fall and we rise. A mixed bag that never gets full. In all these, what is your focus? Do you chase credentials or holistic capacity?

Change is the most common thing in nature. In every single day, something changes. The change could be instant as in the case of an earthquake, or gradual as in the case of the growth of a seed, or in the development of a foetus. But how do you deal with the ever-increasing challenges brought about by this monstrous friend called change?

For answers to these and more…


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Valentine N. Aseye Adusei Agbenoworsi

Valentine N. Aseye Adusei Agbenoworsi is one of Africa’s rising writers in the genres of leadership, human and personal development, history, religion, spoken word and poetry, politics, communication, motivation and relationship.

He is a versatile individual who believes in holism, creativity, leadership and influence. He is a Public Speaker and Public Speaking Trainer, Broadcaster and Communications practitioner, Researcher, Writer, Leadership and Personal Development Consultant, Voice over Artist, an Administration specialist, and a Blogger.

He is a proud Pan-Africanist and researcher, historian and change advocate, who describes himself as “A Creative Philosopher, Thinker and Writer who sips wine from the Ancestral Pot of Wisdom”.

He writes in service to Posterity, Humanity, and Divinity (PHD).

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