Dzo Aɖe bi Gbe Gbɔna (Eʋe)


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Including Ame Kae Alɔ? the poem that was beaten by a very narrow margin of just one mark to win the 2nd Position in the 1988 Volta Regional Cultural Festival Competition held at Keta. A poem highly commented on by the late Tɔgbui Kwamuar S.Y., Acting Director, Cultural Division, GES.

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Edward K. Akafia

Edward K. Akafia is a Creative Writer, whose poems and short stories appeared in "Talent for Tomorrow", an anthology of Creative Writing from the Training Colleges and Secondary Schools in Ghana, edited by Ellen Geer Sangster.
He very early distinguished himself in the then Middle School as a potential writer by winning the First Prizes in Essay Competitions organized for all Anloga Schools in 1963 and 1964 respectively.
Remarkably, many of his poems won First Prizes at District and Regional Cultural Competitions and a Second Prize at only one instance. He is a registered member of the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) and the current Volta Regional Secretary of the Association.
Edward K. Akafia is also an appointed member of the Hohoe Municipal Assembly Cultural Committee, representing the interest of Writers. He is now an ordained Bishop of the Evangelical Universal Church with its Headquarters at Ho.

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Dzo Aɖe bi Gbe Gbɔna (Eʋe)