CorrectStart Teaching Modules for Preschool

An education curriculum specialist critically studied a core curriculum. He then broke it down, simplified it and made it more flexible. The resultant products derived from the study are termed Schemes of work, “teaching modules’ or learning programs.

This book is a compendium of subjects, including age grouping, teaching and learning methodologies, usage of TLMs, weekly and termly coverage.

As early year education is largely based on individual learning and teaching, weekly and termly coverage must not be rigidly structured for all learners (kids) belonging to a particular age group. Emphasis is placed on the concepts of ‘repetition’ and “a-bit-at-a-time’.

CorrectStart Teaching Modules for Preschool contains functional pupils’ workbooks for all subjects.

An Indispensable Guide – Book for Parents, Teachers, School Proprietors, Social workers, Global Agencies and NGOs.

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Osei Owusu – Aduomi


Notion Press


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