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Collins Primary Illustrated Dictionary: Boost your word power, for age 8+ (Collins Primary Dictionaries)

Age Range: 8+ years

For children aged 8 and over, this dictionary contains full sentence definitions, examples, synonyms and parts of speech, as well as spelling and grammar tips, word histories, colourful pictures, and two informative supplements.

Collins Primary Illustrated Dictionary has been especially designed to support the language and literacy needs of children aged 8-10.

Written in a clear, straightforward style, it places words within a context familiar to the student.

It extends and reinforces key dictionary skills by showing parts of speech (for example, whether a word is a noun or verb) and other forms of a word (for example plural forms as well as adjectival forms).

Numbered definitions show multiple uses. Pronunciation help is given for difficult or easily confusable words. Synonyms (similar words) and antonyms (opposite words) are given to build vocabulary, and spelling and grammar tips help children to use words with confidence.

The clear layout ensures that the dictionary is an easy-to-use reference tool. Colour illustrations and photographs add extra meaning and information.

The Word Wizard contains information on parts of speech, prefixes, suffixes and punctuation, plus help to improve spelling and writing. It also has information on shapes, numbers, fractions and angles, along with pictures.

The Earth and Space is a fact-filled section where children can learn about the planets, the continents, the world’s mountains, rivers, and oceans, and the flags of some nations of the world.

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