• Entertainment Night (Senior High School Days #5)

    If the entertainment prefect thinks his idea of amusement will please every student, he is sadly mistaken.

    Asamoah doesn’t see any amusement in what the prefect has in mind, despite the loud publicity of the coming event. To him real entertainment must be vigorous, shake the bones, and draw sweat – not this boring thing everybody is talking about.

    So while the other students are enjoying themselves, Asamoah sneaks out of campus to the Beach Front in a wild quest for proper amusement.

    But, if what goes on at the Bach Front is so great, why does Asamoah run back to school so fast? And what is his picture doing on the front page of the newspaper?

    By the time Asamoah discovers that the school entertainment is not bad after all, it is too late for him to undo what has been done.

  • Long Vacation Encounters (Senior High School Days #4)

    When the long vacation is over and Kukua and Samira return to school, guess what they encounter on the Headmaster’s Honours’ List?

    Yet Kukua is careful in taking delight in this academic achievement. After all, “academic success is not an end in itself but a means to an end,” she recalls Grandma writing in one of her letters.

  • Third Term Challenges (Senior High School Days #3)

    How time flies! The days seem to be crawling, but here is third term already. For Kukua and her friend Samira, the challenges in the third term are very high.

    In the midst of studying hard for the impending examination, how does Samira handle the appearance of a strange woman who claims to be her long-lost and forgotten biological mother? Now Samira is afraid and worried. “I dreamt that the woman kidnapped me and placed me in a huge castle . . .”

    Will her dreadful dream become a reality, since the strange woman is not about to forgo her quest to find her daughter? These are challenging times in senor high school. Kukua and Samira experience their share of tough moments and learn how to stand the difficult moments in school.

  • Second Term Expectations (Senior High School Days #2)

    In the second term, Kukua and her mates run into several experiences that blow their minds away. Did you ever hear about a Virgins’ Club? And why is Samira about to be sent home at the beginning of term?

    Enter Miss Kudjo’s Literature class for excitement. But don’t mess with Mr. Bayo, the senior housemaster of Sabanna. Ask the three students why Mr. Bayo sees to it that they are suspended for one term.

    Kukua never thougt that examination fever can cause her to do what she does to make Mr. Binka punish her severely.

    Second term at Eternity Senior High School turns out to be highly eventful, with lots of expectations to pursue.

  • First Term Surprises (Senior High School Days #1)

    Kukua can’t believe what she sees when she goes to the internet café to check her BECE results. Aggregate 14? What happened to the Ten Ones she worked hard for?

    And when the posting arrive and she realizes she’s been sent to her third-choice school, she feels completely devastated. Where is this Eternity Senior High School, anyway?

    But when courage overrides frustration, Kukua packs reluctantly and arrives at Eternity, the school on the hill along the beach road.

    It is here that a series of surprises welcome her throughout the first term.

    The biggest surprise of all is Samira, the girl Kukua meets who has a bigger-than-life story. Can a baby be thrown away at birth and still manage to grow up and enter senior high school?

    Surely, first term in the senior high school is full of surprises!


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