• The Battle of Words: Convergence of Akan Cultural Ethos and Scripture- Why Individuals, Families and Nations Suffer Spells and Ways to Prevent and Nullify Generational Curses (Hardcover)

    The book intriguingly establishes parallels between the Holy Bible and the indigenous knowledge of the Akan people of West Africa regarding the power of spoken words.

    The powerful declarative statements in the form of prayer of restitution and restoration in the final chapter seek to help restore the reader’s soul for spiritual fulfilment. ‘This important book blends profound truths in the holy scriptures and indigenous knowledge of the Akans to highlight the power of words. From the fact of creation when words were used to bring every creature into being to Akan traditional injunctions on mis(use) of spoken words, the author coherently emphasises the double-edged nature of words: a tool for building and for destroying. This is a must-read book for people who are determined to turn around their destinies.

    Johnny Andoh-Arthur (PhD), Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Ghana–Accra

  • Woman: What The Bible Really Says about Her-Story and Human Dignity

    WOMAN interrogates the different layers in the two creation stories of the Bible, its impact on gender relations, the personhood, womanhood and dignity of women.

    “WOMAN takes a focused approach, and Edem’s ability to delve into the multiple layers of the Genesis narrative is truly captivating.


    Rather than simply reciting existing beliefs, Edem guides readers towards nuanced interpretations, which underpins the core themes of the book.


    Through its thought-provoking pages, Woman invites us to re-examine our long-held beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices, and to consider God’s intention.

    The Genesis account in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) provides two different creation stories.


    The first, the Priestly (Elohim) story (Genesis 1:1-2:4a), emphasizes that God created humans as both male and female at the same time (en masse). The second, the Yahwist story (Genesis 2:4b-25) describes the creation of man and woman separately, with the woman being created as a companion for the man….

    Woman stimulates contemplation about God’s purpose for humanity, particularly women, womanhood, human dignity, marriage, and its origins…” -Excerpt from FOREWORD by Prof. Mercy Amba Oduyoye, First African Woman Theologian, Educator and Poet

  • She: The Feminine Enigma

    SHE is a groundbreaking book with important contributions to the ongoing conversation about gender relations, equality, and human dignity.

    This book explores the complex issues emanating from the relations between males and females, and the place of the woman in society, from a fresh perspective that is informed by research, nuance, and illumination.

    The author’s critical, provocative, and spiritually awakening writing calls for shift in Beliefs, challenging readers to unlearn unhealthy narratives about women that are often attributed to the Bible. Ultimately, this book aims to liberate people to fully realise their human potential and to create healthy space for all persons to fulfil their God-given Purpose.


    “For many Christians who have grappled with trying to understand issues of equality, complementarity, hierarchy, and subordination in relations between men and women, husbands and wives, you may well find answers from this book that decisively settle your questions.” – Excerpts from FOREWORD by Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, PhD, Christian Lawyer, Theologian and Counsellor


  • Pleasantview

    Winner of the 2022 OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean LiteratureWinner of the 2022 CLMP Firecracker Award in Fiction. Shortlisted for the Society of Authors’ McKitterick Prize 2022

    Coconut trees. Carnival. Rum and coke. To many outsiders, these and other sunny images are all they know about life in the Caribbean. However, if you want to learn how the locals truly live and experience the dark and often harrowing truths that lurk behind the idyllic imagery of Caribbean culture, then come visit the town of Pleasantview.

    Come during election season, and see how one candidate sets out to slaughter endangered turtles- just for fun. Or come on the day the other candidate beats his outside woman,’ so badly she ends up losing their baby. Then come on the night of the political rally, where this grieving woman exacts very public revenge. Stay a while, and see how this single event has a trajectory far beyond the lives of the immediate actors, with often tragic and heartbreaking consequences.

    Written in a remarkable combination of Standard English and Trinidad Creole. Pleasantview showcases the entrenched political, racial, patriarchal, and class dichotomies of life in Trinidad.


  • The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa

    Fifteen-year-old Andrew Aziza lives in Kontagora, Nigeria, where his days are spent about town with his droogs, Slim and Morocca, grappling with his fantasies about white girls–especially blondes–and wondering who his father is. When he’s not in church, at school or attempting to form ‘Africa’s first superheroes’, he obsesses over mathematical theorems, ideas of black power and HXVX: the Curse of Africa.

    Sure enough, the reluctantly nicknamed ‘Andy Africa’ soon falls hopelessly and inappropriately in love with the first white girl he lays eyes on, Eileen. But at the church party held to celebrate her arrival, multiple crises loom. An unfamiliar man claims, despite his mother’s denials, to be Andy’s father, and the gathering of an anti-Christian mob is headed for the church—both set to shake the foundations of everything Andy knows and loves.

    The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa announces a dazzling, distinctive, new literary voice. Profound, exhilarating and highly original, this tragicomic novel is a stunning exploration of the contemporary African ‘condition’, the relentless infiltration of Western culture and, most of all, the ordinary but impossible challenges of coming of age in a turbulent world.

    The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa won second prize in the 2020 Deborah Rogers Foundation Writers Award while still in manuscript form.

  • Unwavering Faith, Confident Patience

    Faith is the substance of the things we expect, or hope for, and is what the just are supposed to live by.

    The Word we believe produces faith in us. The mixture of these two forces becomes the fuel for the corresponding actions which provoke the manifestation of the supernatural in impossible situations.

    As he narrates this spellbinding and awesome account of how God delivered him from his deathbed, Charles uses real illustrations to encourage the believer to deploy their faith and take possession of their own inheritance of divine health.

  • Reflections on Attributes of the Holy Spirit

    Joseph Akwei Allotey had invaluable experiences with the Holy Trinity from his infancy. His love for the Lord and for music spans over 35 years’ membership of five different choirs at home and abroad.

    The book shares the transforming power of the Holy Trinity for human well-being and God’s ability to direct humans to great spiritual values that would benefit those who will truly be faithful and obedient to Him. He believes that any person who reads this book about the awe-inspiring and heart-warming attributes of the Holy Trinity will be extremely blessed.

  • Purpose Capsules

    Purpose Capsules strongly implies that Purpose can be found in Jesus Christ and therefore one must know who he is in Christ to discover this purpose, which is not just the reason why you were born but why you are born to be born again in Christ. As a result, Purpose Capsules spends a great deal of time to explain who you are in Christ so that you really grasp why you are here on earth in the light of Christ. By this your mind will not only be challenged but be exposed to living to your truest and fullest potential in Christ so as to be better equipped to discover and fulfill your divine purpose – which is to manifest the Christ in you to the glory of God.

  • Building a 21st Century Church on the 1st Century Model (An Agenda for Generational Transformation)

    As Christian believers, we cannot remain comfortably seated in our church pews while still expecting a turn-around in the affairs of this world. We have been given an assignment to offer effective answers to deal with the challenges of this world. The role of the Church is thus to keep preparing us to be able to fulfil that assignment.

    This book presents the Church as the breeding ground for the ambassadors of Jesus the Christ to be used in reflecting God in every sphere of influence.

    We would realise that the people Jesus recruited and left behind effectively changed the history of their world for good. Unfortunately over time, the influence of Christians rather than increasing appear to have somewhat declined. This book therefore seeks to look at how far Christians have held on to the mandate since the days of the 1st Century Church.

    Eventually, as the Church effectively fulfils its purpose, this world would witness Christians exerting their influence much more forcefully in every sphere of life with principles of the kingdom of God in a way that ultimately glorify God the Father.

  • Realities Trapped in Ink

    Realities Trapped in Ink is a collection of poems and essays. This book looks away from nothing. It is contemplative, funny and bold. The author obviously has an observant eye and is able to examine societal issues with keen intelligence and a concrete set of images.

    Realities Trapped in Ink is unique among its contemporaries, producing an entirely new experience for the reader.

  • The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa

    In The Sacrifice of Africa, Prof. Emmanuel Katongole honestly confronts Africa’s painful legacy of chaos, violence and corruption. He shows how it continues to scar the imaginative landscape of African politics and society. He then demonstrates the real potential of Christianity to interrupt and transform entrenched political imaginations and create a different story for Africa – a story of self-sacrificing love that values human dignity and “dares to invent” a new better future for all Africans. Compelling accounts of three African Christian leaders and their work – Bishop Paride Taban in Sudan, Angelina Atyam in Uganda and Maggy Barankitse in Burundi – cap off Katongole’s vision of hope for Africa.

  • Confessions of an African Christian

    If you are reading this blurb because you are looking for salacious scandals or rants against God and the church, sorry to disappoint you but this book doesn’t have what you are looking for.

    But if you are interested in reading about an odd encounter with a prophet, a child led rebellion, quite a number of self deprecating revelations, some honest self-assessment and embarrassing situations experienced by a young woman in her journey to get closer to God, and understand better what it means to be a Christian, this might just be the book for you.

  • Religion, Culture and Language: An Appreciation of the Intellectual Legacy of Dr. J.B. Danquah (The J.B. Danquah Memorial Lecture, Series 37; 2004)

    Lectures delivered by Professor Kwame Bediako, former Rector of the Akrofi-Christaller Institute for Theology, Mission, and Culture. Delivered in February, 2004.

    Lecture 1: Danquah’s Insight Regarding the Centrality of Transcendence in Human Thought

    Lecture 2: Danquah’s Conception of Culture and Its Place in the Renewal and Enhancement of Society

    Lecture 3: Danquah’s Use of Mother Tongue in Intellectual Discourse and Its Relevance in Our Time

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