• A Saint in Brown Sandals

    Eleven-year old Rabi thinks it would be wonderful to be like her classmate Maybelline – rich, pretty and popular with everyone in school. As her school’s big event on television draws closer, Rabi realises she has only one chance to be a star. Where she will shine best? Will it be if she follows in Maybelline’s dainty footsteps? Or will it be if she dares to run along as herself?

  • Lami’s Nightmare

    The life of fourteen-year-old Lami changes when she takes part in a dancing competition organised by the chief of her village. Now her dreams seem to be crumbling before her very eyes, threatened by an impending marriage to a very wealthy man from the next village.

  • The Daring Duo 1: 179 Jabulani Street

    Age Range: 8+ years

    It all started with a pink jacket, a key and a scribbled note…

    When Jama and Ufulu bump into each other near a suspicious-looking house in Yeoville, they don’t realize that this will be the beginning of a friendship full of adventures.

    A new team is born…and they are ready to find out what is really going on at the mysterious 179 Jabulani Street!

    Join the Daring Duo…in their thrilling first adventure!

  • A Monster at Midnight

    Age Range: 8+ years

    Phila is not happy that has to spend her holidays in her grandma’s village. It’s too far from her best friends and she is trapped with her annoying brother and sister.

    When she hears the story of Bro. E, a strange tale the young children of the village tell to scare and taunt, she has no idea about the thrilling adventure ahead.

    A monster is coming at midnight, RUN, PHILA, RUN!


  • Aseye’s Journey

    Aseye’s expected vacation takes an unfortunate twist when she loses both parents in a car crash. Her uncle extends a hand of support to her and her twin siblings, Elorm and Enam. Aba, Uncle Raymond’s wife, makes Aseye’s stay a horrifying one. When Aseye is forced out of her uncle’s house, she leaves behind her siblings for no fault of hers, and suffers at the hands of Joojo, a benefactor who later abuses her.

    Through a life of dejection, betrayal, and suffering, Aseye finally meets Amartey Hammond, a young man who offers her genuine assistance to see Aseye attain her dream.

    Aseye’s Journey is a one of uncertainty, pain, gloom and, finally, hope.

  • Solma – Tales from Northern Ghana

    This compilation of stories is specially written for children of all ages. This collection is culled from tales told among the Gurunsi people of Northern Ghana. They make interesting reading and teach children the needed moral and social values.

    “… Mothers, go and tell your children that Kanwum lost her heart because she would not listen to her mother. Tell your children what happened to Kanwum and why it happened. Let your children’s children not forget this story. Children, go home and listen to your mothers and your fathers. Let this story be told as long as there are children.”

  • The Lion’s Whisper

    2018 CODE Burt Award for African Young Adult Literature Finalist

    Leo and David, both fifteen years old, are neighbours who are divided by more than just a wall. When David unexpectedly reaches out to him, Leo hesitantly accepts and David soon becomes a secret brother, helping Leo overcome a paralysing fear from his past.

    Leo embarks with David on a mission to root out the answer to a mystery that has tormented David for years. Their friendship is tested beyond the wire as bitterness and betrayal pitch their families, and ultimately the boys themselves, against each other.

    Then a bloody military coup rips Leo’s world apart and he has to find courage he never had before and an ally. But after all the years of bitterness, can Leo afford to forgive and trust his family’s enemy?

  • Bukom

    A classic.

    The wind of change had been blowing across the earth’s surface for centuries before someone made headlines with the phrase. This wind had been affecting nations, peoples, their attitudes and their ways of thinking; sometimes for the worse, and sometimes, for the better. Perhaps, one might justifiably say that this explains why the human race tends to be caught with its pants down in the matter of development; sometimes very positive, but all too often, far too negative. In every city, there is one area which remains defiantly and stubbornly averse to change or development. One such area in the municipality of Accra is James Town, with Bukom as its centre – the epitome of the black neighbourhood of the old order. Meet Ataa Kojo, who is satisfied to have won a gold tiepin for “twenty-five years of loyal service” to a European trading firm, and his family. At his age, he has not done badly at all. He would be completely satisfied with a modern toilet in his home, but the City Council says he needs a permit to “undertake construction works”…

    BUKOM was the first novel by Bill Marshall. This novel won the Ghana National Book Award for the young writer in 1979. Over the decades, his writings have been wide and diverse spanning film and television, radio, the press and books. Among his published books are Novels: Brother Man, The Oyster Man, Uncle Blanko’s Chair; Plays: Shadows of an Eagle, Stranger to Innocence, Son of Umbele, The Crows and Other Plays, Asana.


  • Queen of the Night and Other Stories

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    A carefully-thought out and intriguing collection of short stories with the aim to capture traditional beliefs which are relevant to diverse cultures.

  • The Dorm Challenge

    One bad friend and one desperate friend.

    Mercy could change their lives.

    The problem is she doesn’t know it.

    Mercy isn’t going to embarrass herself by speaking in a school competition just so her House can win the Dorm Cup.

    No way!

    There are better things she could do− like hanging out with her ultra-cool buddy Perry.

    But when she is thrust into the Dorm Challenge she discovers that the prize for speaking up is more precious than a trophy. And the prize for listening properly can mean more than anything in the world.

  • Escape From Paradise

    A Burt Award for Africa Literature book

    The chance of a life time. A chance at a future. Send your children to Bluewater Lobster Farm (BLF). Dusty and his brother are soon to discover that getting into BLF is not the problem but getting out is the tricky and dangerous part.

  • 3 Siblings

    Book #1 in the 3Siblings series

    Joshua lives in a world that Xbox and PlayStation has created: He wants a newly released game and would do almost anything to get it. Is the game worth all the hassle, sleepless night and guilt?

    Matthew has a chance encounter with Tyke and this meeting is about to change his life and teach him a few lessons. Naomi was looking forward to coming home from boarding school. She’s now at home and very bored. When her ex-best throws a sweet sixteen party with inviting her it gives Naomi and idea.

    3 Siblings


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