• Arrival of the 3rd Sibling & A Bucket Load of Games (Raising 3 Siblings)

    Age Range: 5 – 8 years

    Two stories in one.

    The Ofori siblings are raised in middle class Accra. Their adventures and happenings are interesting as well as lesson filled. They learn virtues such as patience, truthfulness, and obedience.

    Enjoy the childhood of the 3 Siblings.

  • 3 Siblings and Josh’s Journey

    Age Range: 7 – 12 years

    Book #4 in the 3Siblings series

    Joshua is having time of his life. He is visiting the United States for the first time (sans his family). He visits the ‘Big Apple’ and then goes on to the ‘show me state,’ where he will live for three months with the Billings family. Joshua must adjust to living in America and learn to make friends. This will the hardest thing he has ever done. Join Joshua on his trip to the United States. You might learn something.


  • 3 Siblings and a Cousin

    Age Range: 7 – 12 years

    Book #2 in the 3Siblings series

    “Shut up and listen. Did you just hear Mum, inviting Catherine dearest to spend Christmas with us?”

    “And?” Joshua asked.

    “Earth to Joshua, Catherine cannot come here!” Naomi exclaimed.

    “And how do you plan to stop her from coming, short of us moving?”

    “That is why I need your help; we have to tell Mum that Catherine cannot come.”

    “Naomi, leave me out of your schemes. I’m not interested. I don’t care if Catherine comes or not.”

    “What do you mean, Joshua? My problems should be yours too and have you forgotten so soon…”

    Who is Catherine? And why does her pending arrival have Naomi in a bellyache?

  • 3 Siblings and Family

    Book #3 in the 3Siblings series

    The 3 Siblings are at it again; Joshua is preparing for his Basic Examination, he’s walking around like he has the whole world on his puny shoulders.

    Naomi acts like a jealous wife when her father’s old girlfriend comes to town.

    Matthew is having social problems of his own that he has no idea how to solve.

    Let’s catch up on our favourite 3 Siblings as they disentangle themselves from their day-to-day challenges with the help of each other and their family.

  • Your Journey to the Top

    Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah is a corporate trainer: a coach and a speaker with passion for strategy, governance and a commitment for developing the next generation. Richard has been engaged in several youth programmes and platforms addressing central issues distressing potential leaders in their workplaces and how to share their careers.

    The main element of his message is the growth of employee’s potential towards the transformation of self and the preparation for leadership development and higher assignments. Richard always believes that the workplace in particular and the world in general present a lot of opportunities but people are not ready to go through the process. His messages bring hope and a new angle to learning.


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