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The Wars Against Saddam: Taking the Hard Road to Baghdad (Hardcover)

In this devastating and brilliant new book John Simpson offers a compelling and cogent analysis of the West’s relationship with Saddam Hussein and Iraq, past and present.

‘You can’t really argue with much that John Simpson says-there is no foreign correspondent left on TV who has a fraction of his recognition and his credibility, a fact which may be unfair on the others, but happens to be true.’ That was Simon Hoggart reviewing Simpson’s devastating Panorama profile of Saddam Hussein, broadcast in early November 2002.

John Simpson has spent more than twenty years reporting on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The book is a vivid, authoritative and compellingly readable account of the West’s relationship with Iraq throughout the years that Simpson has reported on the country and on Saddam Hussein. He shows in minute detail how and why, in the wake of 11 September, the threat from Iraq seemed to be increasing and how and why the West went to war in March 2003.

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