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The Greedy Tortoise and Other Stories

Age Range: 4 – 7 years

The Greedy Tortoise

This is a story that revolves around Tortoise, the cunning and greedy animal. He is hungry but very lazy to do any work that could fetch him food. He decides to pay his friend Koko a visit. When the sweet smell of the food reaches his nose, he decides there and then to have a taste of the food. Find out what happens to him – did he succeed?

Tortoise and Mother Hawk

Tortoise and Mother Hawk are very good friends. Tortoise lives on land while Mother Hawk lives high up in the tree. One day, they meet each other and Tortoise informs her that he will pay her a visit. Hawk laughs at him and goes on her way. But Tortoise achieves his aim.

The Dragon Who Could Not Fly

Mother and Father Dragon have five children. They are all happy children. All but the last child can fly about. His name is Dranga. Dranga is lazy. He eats too much and grow so big to fly. The efforts of his parents to teach him how to fly always come to nothing. When war breaks out in the country, all the other animals fly away. Dranga was the only one who couldn’t fly away. Dranga uses his inability to fly to help his country.


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