Reach for the Sun


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“Ouch! Miss, my legs,” he cried out. Suddenly the painful memory came back to him of the day the car took his legs.

Kofi is sad and tired of hospital and medicines. He has dreams of walking, running and playing like the other children outside the hospital walls, but with each passing day and year, that hope seems to be getting dim. However, he is strengthened and encouraged by the people around him.

Will the sun come out from behind the dark clouds, so that Kofi would not just reach for it but also touch it?

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Selassie Mensah

Selassie Mensah is a young lady who is passionate about reading and writing. She is a young Ghanaian author who wrote and published her first novel of 200 pages at the age of 14 titled, “The Broom.” She also has a storybook for children called, “Reach for the Sun.” She has written a lot of short stories for the Bubbles Magazine, which is a magazine by young writers and for children. She also has several stories, poems and articles on her blog,
In 2010, she won the Citi FM Write Away Contest and was honoured as the Youngest Achiever in 2012. She shares her passion for reading and writing through the establishment of book clubs in various schools. Selassie is inspired by what goes on around her and expresses and changes perceptions using the power of the pen.

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