History of West Africa and the Ga Osu People (Hardcover)

The History Of West Africa And The Ga Osu People attempts to illustrate that Christopher Columbus did not discover the New World. It gives ample facts to show that Black people knew of and had been visiting the New World long before the voyage became fashionable.

Black people across Africa, starting from Egypt to East Africa and especially from West Africa were trading with the New World, including Mexico, the West Indies and South America, long before Columbus. Columbus learned of the New World on a visit to West Africa as a captain of a Portuguese merchant vessel. The rulers of Ancient Egypt were in close contact with the inhabitants of West Africa, who on at least two occasions helped the Pharaohs of Egypt regain and reunite their kingdom when they were invaded by an Asiatic people: the Hyksos.

The Pharaohs visited West Africa where they had holiday resorts near Gao, and went to a place just outside northern Nigeria to make magic.

Some diehard Europeans hate to admit that, at some time in the distant past, Africa was one of the cradles of civilization, with its own Universities of higher learning where science and the Arts were taught. Some bigoted Europeans continue to go as far to insinuate that Africa is not the Home Black people; but they are unable to say for sure where Black people originated from.

This book gives much exposition on the origin of the black race, the abolition of the slave trade and particularly the founding of the Ga Towns and their customs.

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