Garden City (Hardcover)


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Age Range: 8- 14  years

Garden City tells the story of Ama Tricie, who after learning about plants in class is inspired to bring back the greenery in her city, which is currently a concrete jungle. Her city happens to be called, ‘Garden City’. She is faced with obstacles in here pursuit including a struggle to believe in herself. Ama Tricie comes to the realisation that you can only change the things you can control, that is, yourself and your own environment, other things will gradually follow suit and fall in place.

It is difficult to fully explain the effects of climate change to a child but Garden City does a great job in exposing the effects of human activities on our environment as we see it. Children are our future, so why not inspire them to take a bold step and be part of the conversation on climate change going on in the world?

This is why we believe Garden City will be a strong contender in the market. It includes children in the conversation on protecting the environment for our tomorrow. It explains pollution in the simplest way without stirring fear or in children but rather, empowers them to take action. GARDEN CITY encourages children not to give up even when they are not seeing results in any tasks they undertake, because just like actions towards protecting our environment, the results might not be instantaneous but they will surely be effective in the long run.

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Nelly Sarpong

Nelly Sarpong was born in Germany but grew up in Ghana. During her formative years in Germany, she rarely saw any books with a black protagonist, talk less of a book with black children on the cover pages. With everything happening in the world, it is imperative that all children of every race feel represented in literature; to know they are seen, heard and that they can also be heroes of their own stories. Nelly is currently resident in Berlin, Germany.

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Garden City (Hardcover)