Excellence Series: Religious and Moral Education (RME) for JHS1

Religious and Moral Education(R.M.E) as a subject, aims at equipping learners to be holistically trained in order to fit into every part of the Ghanaian society. The subject seeks to educate learners in appreciating the freedom of worship that every citizen has and not to look down on other people’s religion to foster peaceful coexistence.

This books has been carefully tailored according to the demands and guidance of the current curriculum designed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) in the year 2020

The curriculum is divided into six major strands so as this book. They are:

  • God, His creation and attributes
  • Religious Practices
  • The Family and the community
  • Religious Leaders and Personalities
  • Ethics and Moral life
  • Religion and Economic Life

Excellence Series Religious and Moral Education for Junior High Schools 1 ensures that users of this book develop the skill of discernment, think critically before making religious and or moral choices, and positively impart their societies by practicing the lessons picked from this carefully written literature.

Excellence Series Religious and Moral Education for Junior High Schools is student-friendly, considerate of our current times, and highly recommended for all students and teachers.

This book also has a good number of standard objective and written questions for learners to try their hands on after each of the strands. Getting this book and learning it will surely grant you the grade that you so much desire in your final examination because this book was made possible by experts with many years of experience in the subject.


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