Asoo Ɔ Ye Nwomenle Ɔ? (Nzema)


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Asoo Ɔ Ye Nwomenle Ɔ contains a true story of teacher Koasi, whose wife , Afibah used to tell him during conversation that if ever she died, he, teacher Koasi, would have his house haunted. She died about two years later during child-birth and the house became haunted as prophesies by her.

The husband married another lady by name Akasi who was very often possessed by the former wife’s ghost. Any time Akasi (the present wife) was possessed, she prophesied and all her prophecies came to pass. On one occasion when Akasi became possessed by Afibah’s ghost, she told her husband that his wife, Akasi, would have a child fifteen months after she has taken seed and that he should name the child after her (the deceased); the baby’s name should be, “Koasi’s wife, Afibah,” failing which it would die two weeks after it has been born.

Akasi had a baby fifteen months after having taken seed as prophesied but because her husband refused to name the child after the late wife, the baby died two weeks after it had been born. Afibah’s ghost possessed Akasi again and warned the husband that if he was not prepared to name the next child after she would see to it that his wife, Akasi, dies during child-birth. The husband named the child “Koasi Afiba” instead of “Koasi’s wife, Afibah,”.

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Asoo Ɔ Ye Nwomenle Ɔ? (Nzema)


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