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Ɛkyia A Ɛnee Wɔzɛ (Nzema)

This book is about three friends who left their village for the city of Meannyia-Meangu-Me-Nwo, about one hundred and fifty miles away, for the purpose of working for thier living.They were in the city for sometime and, because of the nature of life there, they had to withdraw all the money they had already saved with the Post Office Savings Bank . They began to live wretched lives and had to live on loans from money-lenders.

One of them, Sonlangyɛnemia, for fear that the money-lenders would worry him for their money, left the city for a town called Boɛyɛlɛwie. He worked there for a few years and became well-to-do. He later went to the city again and paid all his debts.

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P.A. Kwesi Aboagye


Bureau of Ghana Languages


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