• Disastrous Inferno

    Age Range: 9+ years

    Fire devastates a portion of a wood processing factory located at the outskirts of Sako, a semi-prosperous city in the West.

    Kweku Minkah Eshun, the MD of the logging and wood processing company is faced with a dilemma: the company has to pay off an outstanding bank loan or face legal proceedings and at the same time, re-construct the destroyed building for business to thrive. In order to do these objectives, he decides to source for extra money through the back door insider trading, smuggling machine and currency trafficking.

    Aside his business problems is the fact that Kweku has been married to his beautiful wife Afia for three years without a child – “enter” a gynaecologist, a pastor and a herbalist.

    How will it all end?


  • Deviant Boy

    Age Range: 9+ years

    Kweku Minkah Eshun, the protagonist is a reformed thief and a school drop-out. He received a letter from a Canadian researcher and volunteer asking him to go to Accra and collect some documents from an American engineer consultant.
    Kweku embarked on the trip the following day on a “Government Transport”. In the course of the journey Kweku fell asleep and started dreaming… a chronology of his life story.


    Deviant Boy


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