• Small by Small: Becoming a Doctor in 1990s Nigeria

    “A small miracle of a book.” — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    As he works his way through his medical training, Ike Anya’s grandmother reassures him, “everything worthwhile is achieved small by small.”

    Ike’s story charts the triumphs and failures of his student days through to his first demanding year as a house officer. A medical memoir unlike any from the West, this is filled with the colour and vibrancy of tempestuous 1990s Nigeria, where political unrest, social change and a worsening economy make a doctor’s life particularly challenging.

  • An African Abroad: A Travel Memoir

    When Ajala is not escaping an assassination attempt and dodging the bullets of eager security agents around the Duke of Edinburgh in Sydney, he is crashing his scooter, amid a hail of gunfire, through a border between Jordan and Israel—or he is cutting through security to shake the hands of Nikita Khrushchev. And when Ajala is not trying ‘African ju-ju’ on pretty Russian girls, he is enjoying a tense audience with Golda Meir in Israel and hobnobbing with Fúnmiláyọ̀ Ransome-Kútì in Moscow.

    The Original One-Man Daredevil-Traveller, Moshood Ọlábísí Àjàlá saw it all, did it all, and lived to tell the tale. Now back in print for the first time since 1963, here are the travel stories of his trips around Europe, the Middle East, and Australia as told by the man himself. This new edition comes with a preface by Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún and a foreword by Joane Àjàlá.

  • When Two Standards Collide: Christian Youth vs Pop Culture

    Christianity and popular culture are two major, yet opposing lifestyles for every Christian adolescent. The need to please God and look cool is a daily struggle most of the youth face, and the fear of being shunned, mocked, or isolated entirely haunts them; hence the choice for the latter. The author addresses various areas of pop culture including music, fashion, and social media and tries to juxtapose with God`s Word in the manual for Christians – The Bible, and outlines ways to deal with the “entanglement”.

  • Signature: A Blueprint of Integrity at the Marketplace

    Integrity should be a hallmark of every Christian. As Daniel kept his promise to never worship any other god than the Almighty, irrespective of the consequences, we must stand up to what is right and not just conform to the status quo. The marketplace – corporate environment, church, school, vicinity, etc present the greatest of life`s challenges especially when one decides to stand up to the right things of life. The author uses various characters and details how they lived lives of integrity in the face of extremely difficult circumstances and how those actions conform to our modern times.

  • Tetteh Quarshie, The Star to Follow

    In this book, Dr. Nii Amu Darko outlines the life of his ancestor Tetteh Quarshie and how he brought cocoa, Ghana’s number one cash crop to Ghana.  He outlines the great man’s family background and adventurous trip to Fernando Po where he spent seven years on a cocoa plantation learning everything he possibly could about the cash crop.  Dr. Nii Darko dubs Tetteh Quarshie the star to follow for his dedication and unique qualities as a hardworking, ethical, selfless son of Ghana who toiled to bring the crop that became the backbone of Ghana’s economy.  Especially interesting is how Darko tells the unique story of Tetteh Quarshie from the family point of view, revealing intriguing titbits never before known by the public.

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