• Fair State Charter For Africa

    In this book, Dr. Nii Amu Darko outlines a new charter for a fair state as the template for good governance in Africa.  In a fair state, opportunities are fairly spread across the nation; political power is proportional to electoral mandates and fairly distributed among the groups that form the nation; and responsibility for service delivery is the duty of every citizen. England gave the world the Magna Carta and Dr. Nii Amu Darko proposes the Fair State Charter as the foundation for good governance and prosperity in Africa. The charter addresses three main areas:  Unity of purpose; unity of governance through a reformed electoral system and national governance; and the 21st Century being Africa’s century of prominence. The unities he prescribes are on a national rather than a continental basis. So that the success of one country based on the ideas in the charter, can be replicated in other nations throughout the continent.

  • Weep Not, Africa

    In this book, Dr. Nii Amu Darko proposes a rare template for political economy suitable for the multi-ethnic African state, both in terms of political organization and sustainable economic development.  Essentially, he combines the constitution and manifesto of the African Reform Movement (ARM) into this book as a roadmap for realizing Africa’s arrested potential.  Dr. Darko proposes the creation of the new African with a new mindset that would go on to create a new society based on love, hope and faith. The ARM manifesto is the refreshing plan of action for the revolution to attain the elusive true independence by ending imperialism in all its forms, gain true independents and foster opportunities and prosperity for all.  To paraphrase Nkrumah, Darko expounds the notion that “the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of its economy from Finance Capital.”

  • The 5th Republic: Constitutional Reforms To Rescue, Resuscitate and Restore Ghana

    In this book, Dr. Nii Amu Darko proposes an alternative to Ghana’s 4th Republic and offers prescriptions for thorough constitutional reform. Based on the tenet that the ills of our political excesses and economic stagnation are rooted in the shortcomings of the constitution, he slices Ghana’s 1992 Constitution apart and lays out a systematic blueprint for a new Constitution that would usher in Ghana’s 5th Republic.  With the ideas laid out in this book, Dr. Darko’s objective is to put the country on track for effective political reform and sustainable development. He addresses many issues and sectors of national interest for the “new Ghana”, including the Constitution, territories, citizenship, representation of the people, the Executive, legislature, judiciary, security and defence and chieftaincy.

  • Tetteh Quarshie, The Star to Follow

    In this book, Dr. Nii Amu Darko outlines the life of his ancestor Tetteh Quarshie and how he brought cocoa, Ghana’s number one cash crop to Ghana.  He outlines the great man’s family background and adventurous trip to Fernando Po where he spent seven years on a cocoa plantation learning everything he possibly could about the cash crop.  Dr. Nii Darko dubs Tetteh Quarshie the star to follow for his dedication and unique qualities as a hardworking, ethical, selfless son of Ghana who toiled to bring the crop that became the backbone of Ghana’s economy.  Especially interesting is how Darko tells the unique story of Tetteh Quarshie from the family point of view, revealing intriguing titbits never before known by the public.

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