• Entertainment Night (Senior High School Days #5)

    If the entertainment prefect thinks his idea of amusement will please every student, he is sadly mistaken.

    Asamoah doesn’t see any amusement in what the prefect has in mind, despite the loud publicity of the coming event. To him real entertainment must be vigorous, shake the bones, and draw sweat – not this boring thing everybody is talking about.

    So while the other students are enjoying themselves, Asamoah sneaks out of campus to the Beach Front in a wild quest for proper amusement.

    But, if what goes on at the Bach Front is so great, why does Asamoah run back to school so fast? And what is his picture doing on the front page of the newspaper?

    By the time Asamoah discovers that the school entertainment is not bad after all, it is too late for him to undo what has been done.

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