• The Right Treatment for the Right Disease

    Most people are confused about choosing between Alternative and Orthodox medicine. They are not certain about what to go in for: traditional medicine, herbal treatment, homeopathy, food supplements, divine (faith) healing or the doctor’s treatments (orthodox medicine). This book is written to clear these doubts and help you to make the right decision in those crucial moments in order not to be shortchanged. All the various options of healthcare available to you have been addressed in this material, and enough information has been provided to help you make the best of health choices towards living a healthy, long and satisfying life

  • Positive Health: Health Beyond Pills

    You don’t exist on earth with the main purpose of fighting disease or illness yet much focus of today’s health and healthcare is on how to take people out of negative health (disease and illness). Positive health however emphasises you as a healthy person with health assets for survival. In this book we discuss what those health assets are, that if you discover, cultivate or maintain you will ensure a healthy, happy and long life. In addition, we emphasise wellness as being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically healthy, and we show you how to achieve this kind of holistic health.

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