• Papa and Nana Series for Kids (9 Books)

    Age Range: 4 – 10 years

    Introducing the captivating “Papa and Nana Series” – a heartwarming collection of 9 beautifully illustrated children’s books celebrating the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. This enchanting series is designed to nurture young minds and foster intergenerational connections, created with love by Smartline Publishers in collaboration with Prof. Stephen Adei, Mrs. Georgina Adei, and Ghana Christian International High School.

    Each book in the series unfolds a delightful tale that revolves around the endearing characters, Papa and Nana. Join them on their heartening adventures that impart valuable life lessons, ignite imagination, and evoke a sense of nostalgia. The vivid illustrations bring the stories to life, captivating young readers and sparking their creativity.

    Enhancing the reading experience further, the “Papa and Nana Series” also includes a set of 9 flashcards, each featuring keywords from the corresponding book. These flashcards engage young readers in word recognition and pronunciation, making the learning journey enjoyable and interactive.

    Embrace the joy of storytelling and learning with your little ones as you dive into the world of “Papa and Nana.” This series is more than just books; it’s an opportunity to create cherished memories and deepen the connection between generations

  • The Bittersweet Pill of Politics: My Memoirs

    The Bittersweet Pill of Politics chronicles the author’s experiences in Ghana’s political landscape and reveals intriguing themes.

    “The passion, clarity, detail and narrative power with which Amma writes her memoirs, which are inextricably interwoven with the political odyssey of her inimitable brother, late Prime Minister Kofi Busia, through the 1950s and 60s make her story classic”. – H.E. J.A. Kufour, President of the Republic of Ghana (January 2001 – January 2009)

    The Bitter Sweet Pill of Politics shows unparalleled courage exhibited by a woman whose passion for democracy, unquenchably desire and thirst for political power for her political tradition. The book also discusses how she actively and passionately played substantial roles in the governance structure of her country. She agrees with Maimonides, a Jewish Philosopher, that ‘The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision’. Her resilience is extraordinary and legendary”. – Yaw Osei-Amoako, Manager, Election 2016 situation Room, NPP; Former Chairman, NPP, Toronto, Canada

    “By the time she is narrating the memoirs of her life in The Bitter Sweet Pill of Politics, Amma Bame Busia has become the matriarch of the legendary Busia family. Her focus is on her brother, Kofi Busia, Prime Minister of the Second Republic, whose life as she captures in the vivid narrative would seem to have more of the bitter than the sweet bit of the political pill. But she paints a more rounded picture of him than can be found anywhere else. Her narrative encompasses far more than her own interesting life story. She fills many holes in the story of Ghana’s political history. – Elizabeth A. Ohene, Writer, Columnist

  • New Currency: A Historical Novella

    New Currency: A Historical Novella celebrates Akan social norms and values, particularly the “wonderful feeling of togetherness” and communal living, uniquely associated with the extended family system and invites the reader to be culturally sensitive and to worry about the Ghanaian culture degradation.

    Apart from capturing the chilling, historical realities of the 1979 demonetisation, it successfully regains and celebrates the otherwise fading, but precious extended family values.

    In the book, the seasoned author chronicles some aspects of the harrowing military rule of 1979, and narrates the ordeal of a woman about to lose an entire lifetime savings. Specifically, it recounts the widespread commotion and hardships associated with the introduction of a new monetary currency in Ghana from March 13–26, 1979.

    The historical novella, set in Sunyani, the Brong-Ahafo regional capital in the same year, captures the widespread public despondency and turbulence associated with the exercise.

    The book provides some insight into the period of the country’s history for adults who lived through the turbulence of 1979 as a necessary reminder; and to the present-day youth some awareness of the happenings then.

    The thrilling lime green-looking book with yellow and white title inscription on the cover, and thinly opaque adinkra symbols – Mpatapo (knot of reconciliation) and Sesa wo suban (change or transform your life), reflects the theme of the book published by Smartline Publishers.

  • Leadership: Theory, Practice and Cases

    Leadership is the most important ingredient of success in Human Endeavour.

    The changes we see and experience in societies and organisations around the world lead to new and different paradigms that necessitate different and appropriate responses. These lead directly into the realm of how we come to think about leadership. In short, we cannot see leadership competence and its practice in the same way as societies and organisations evolve. Those who take leadership positions and duties must be willing to explore and create new ways of thinking and interacting with those they lead and continue to lead.

    To this end, this book is written for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to learn or enhance their leadership competence and confidence. Whether you are in government or in a non-profit or private sector business, the leadership framework and knowledge covered here constitute a theoretical and practical enough help for you to create societal and organisational growth and change.

    “Wisdom on leadership from a distinguished practitioner, with advice for leaders and students alike. ” — Emeritus Professor Tudor Richards, Formerly Professor of Creativity and Organisational Change, Alliance Manchester Business School

  • The Consultant

    **Available from 23 June, 2022

    Consider this book the ultimate ‘How To’ compilation on a work area which has become extremely popular and lucrative in recent years — Consulting. The content of this book reflects the Author’s personal and professional consulting experience spanning over forty years, on work that has taken him to various African countries, the United Kingdom, the USA and Singapore.

    This book’s primary objective is to share the experience of a seasoned professional to promote Consulting as a vocation. It can truly be described as a manual and a set of guidelines for all Consultants. It particularly targets aspiring and young practicing individuals in the field.

    The Author, Dr. Joseph E. Bannerman, describes his work journey so far with his firm, Plan Consult, as exciting , full of dynamic encounters with a host of professionals from different backgrounds, government ministries, departments and organisations within both the public and private sector. His work has resulted in new and reviewed policies of various national sectors to the greater advantage of the beneficiaries of his expertise, of which he is most proud.

    The structure of this book adopts a ‘Project Planning Approach’ which the author calls ‘The Consulting Cycle’ and reinforces its credentials as one’s go-to ‘How To’ directional guide on Consulting. The arrangement of the chapters reflect the rich life experiences of the Author and follows his journey step by step to organically take the reader through advancing progressively in their consulting career.

    The Consultant

  • Managing Your Life

    Managing Your Life is sequel to Living by Strategy, by the same author. It takes on the task of reducing strategies to the day-to-day actions to achieve the mission, vision, goals and roles of a person. It is about actualizing personal strategic plan to achieve personal, social and vocational development.

    In this book, the author dedicates a chapter to each area of your life you have to manage. The chapter headings are pointers to their content in each of the fourteen chapters, which are grouped in Five Parts.

    • Part One: Leading and Managing Yourself
    • Part Two: Managing Your Private Life
    • Part Three: Managing Your Relational Life
    • Part Four: Managing Your Public Life
    • Part Five: Managing Your Spiritual Life

    If we are intentional about living, and manage our lives as best as we can, we are likely to leave a lasting legacy for our generation and posterity. It prepares them to face the inevitable.

  • Living by Strategy

    The message of this book is as simple as it has the power to propel readers to drastically change their lives’ outcome in almost every sphere of life. It is an invitation to be more intentional about how we live and to have fun doing so (i.e. without paranoia). The Wheel of Life the book introduces gives a snapshot of its content. This book invites readers to join in the exciting and truthful venture of mission-vision-goal living, propelled by core principles to drive one’s Professional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Family, Intellectual, Financial and Marital Life. Doing so with a balance in one’s Personal, Relational and Work Life is at the core of the book.

    The author shares a concept of Organising Principle that simplifies living and yet leads to a life of success with significance, positivity on one hand and how to avoid being “a successful failure” on the other hand.

    Living by Strategy is a seminal contribution to the life management of personal living.

  • The GIMPA Story: Transforming a Public Service Training School into a Self-Financing University of Leadership, Management, and Administration in Ghana

    Driven by the passion of his vision agenda for the cause of his appointment as Director-General of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, GIMPA, from 1st January 2000 to December 2008, Stephen Adei (now Professor Emeritus), the first Rector of GIMPA, set out to do the seemingly impossible in the rough terrain of a predominantly patrimonial and static Ghanaian society.

    With the encouragement of his first Council and despite fierce resistance to his vision and tenure from intransigent and powerful forces from within the Institute, a section of the media and political bigwigs, Stephen championed his vision cause with the unalloyed support of a loyal few from GIMPA, and importantly, with the support of his dear wife, and friend, Mrs. Georgina Adei, his steadfast faith in the Lord Jesus, the Bible-centered values and principles.

    From January 2000 to December 2008, Stephen with his team chalked an enviable vision of success in transforming a public service training institution into a self-financing public university and a centre of excellence in leadership, management, and administration in Ghana.

    In this revealing book, he evokes memories of that hard road to vision success, imparts valuable leadership lessons, and, importantly, shares this experience as “a testimony of what the Lord Jesus Christ…can do with His feeble servants.”

  • 101 Ways to Find the Money to Save and Invest: Wealth Creation Ideas for the Very Poor and the Not So Poor

    Investment opportunities are as many as human needs, wants and desires. Thus the aim of this compilation is not to attempt a comprehensive coverage of investment opportunities. In fact, we are not even competent to do so as assuredly our names do not feature among the investment gurus and practitioners.

    However, we trust many will read this book and expand their knowledge base of investments as others have done to bail themselves out of abject poverty. We hope this book will be read by all classes in the society but particularly our target audience, namely those below middle class most of whom earn less than USD 2,000 per annum, for whom the teachings in this book would be a life-transforming experience.

  • Inside Out: Autobiographical Memoirs

    The author recounts a journey that starts in a small town in Ghana, through an academic and professional career in finance in Canada and the United States, culminating at the Ministry of Finance in Ghana where he served as Technical Advisor to three different Ministers of Finance from different political parties.

    The memoirs depict the complexities of decision-making that combine technical know-how with political reality using several instances of policymaking and financial transactions that he led at the Ministry. For the technical reader, the author recounts a 25-year history of his involvement in many key initiatives of financial market development in Ghana.

    The sweetener in Inside Out is an interesting case study of how to navigate political transitions and maintain relevance as a senior advisor to Ministers in a “winner-takes-all” political environment.

  • Traditional And Religious Plants in West Africa

    The book is a comprehensive coverage of the Traditional and Religious Plants of West Africa. Readers will be fascinated by the information captured in this masterpiece, authored by an academic gem who is well-known in the botany field.

  • Eight Pillars of Christian Organization

    Eight Pillars of Church Organization is a well thought out and well-presented book full of real and practical issues facing the church today. It is not meant for the pastor in the church only but also for all organizations that seek to grow and expand their influence. I whole heartedly recommend this book to pastors, seminaries and seminarians, church leaders and future leaders as well as every member of the Body of Christ.

    –The Most Rev Dr Paul K. Boafo

    Presiding Bishop, Methodist Church Ghana

    Chairman, Christian Council of Ghana

  • Booknook Leadership Pack: My Time My Nation, From the Hut to Oxford, Working with Rawlings, The River in the Sea, Sam (5 Exceptional Ghanaian Leaders)

    Get these 5 books by five amazing Ghanaian leaders and enjoy free shipping across Ghana! 5 for 5!

    *This Free shipping offer does not apply to destinations outside Ghana

    Working with Rawlings

    Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings burst on the Ghanaian political scene with a failed military mutiny on May 15th, 1979. On June 4th 1979, following a successful uprising staged by junior officers and other ranks of the Ghana Armed Forces, he emerged as the Chairman of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) which ruled Ghana for three months and handed over to a civilian constitutional government on 24th September 1979. On 31st December 1981, he overthrew the constitutional government and formed the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) as the Government of Ghana. He was elected a constitutional President in 1992 and assumed office as such on 7th January 1993. He served two terms as President of the Republic of Ghana, finally leaving office on 6th January 2001.

    Jerry John Rawlings is an enigma. It was a privilege working with him and being close to him. He and I went through many exciting experiences together. I have documented some of those experiences in this book. But there are many other experiences which I have not documented either because they belong to the realm of confidentiality or of privacy. What I have documented, however, is enough to give present and future leaders some ideas about governance at the highest levels; the dos and don’ts of governance; the skills required for governance and the importance of human relations as a leadership trait.

    This is not a book about Jerry John Rawlings. It is not a book about Kwamena Ahwoi. It is not a book about the PNDC. It is not a book about the NDC. It is a book about Kwamena Ahwoi working with Jerry John Rawlings; our working relationship; our ups and downs and our joint commitment to building a better Ghana than the one we found it. Somewhere along the line, we drifted apart. This book is about that as well. It is my hope that Ghana’s leaders of today and our leaders of the future will learn some lessons from my account of Working with Rawlings, leaving out the negatives and accentuating the positives.

    My Time My Nation: The Autobiography of Prof. George Benneh

    Professor Benneh’s life story reflects the promise of the country he serves so faithfully. It captures the anticipation of the pre-independence years, the disillusionment of the forays into military rule, and the integrity of the return to civilian rule with many painful lessons learnt. Indeed, as he recalls his early years with his father on the campaign trail, he presents the mixture of excitement, superstition, and euphoria as the Gold Coast transitions into an independent country ad later the Republic of Ghana.

    The author narrates his years of preparation with an impressive roll of mentors and acquaintances — Mr. Gbeho, Professor Steele, Professor Manshard. K.A. Busia, J.B. Danquah, Krobo Edusei, K.A. Gbedemah, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

    Through out the autobiography the reader is conscious that the astute politician is also an astute scholar—lecturer, researcher, administrator. As he brings his analytical acumen to his performance of his responsibilities as Head of Department, Pro Vice-Chancellor and, finally, Vice Chancellor, Professor Benneh demonstrates a unique ability to move seamlessly between two worlds often considered incompatible.

    The autobiography provides a vivid account of an enviable range of experiences from the author’s childhood in Brong-Ahafo region, through conferences in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Yet, he always remains the family man, devoted to his covenant wife, children, grandchildren, wider family and the abiding reliance and trust in his Maker. The autobiography ends with the octogenarian’s tribute to his late father who was his first and best mentor and inspired him reach beyond the sky.

    From the Hut to Oxford: The Autobiography of the Most Reverend Peter Kwasi Sarpong (Hardcover)

    From the Hut to Oxford clearly shows the huge impact that Archbishop Sarpong has made during his priestly and episcopal minstry, spanning forty-nine years from 1959 to 2008. His impact has been on the Catholic Church in Ghana, education, culture and religion. The relative understanding, harmony and cooperation among the religious bodies in the country – between the Catholic and non-Catholic Christians, between followers of Islam and Christians, etc. – can be attributed in no small measure to his unflagging endeavours in ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue. Happily, his effort in this regard. Happily, his effort in this regard has been universally acknowledged. In a world racked by religious bigotry, dissension and mayhem, he deserves more than a pat on the back. — Most Rev. Matthias Kobina Nketsiah, Emeritus Archbishop of Cape Coast

    The River in the Sea: The Autobiography of Akenten Appiah-Menka

    The River in the Sea is a story of courage, determination, a clear sense of mission and vision on the part of a rural Ghanaian who, from humble beginnings, has risen to the highest echelon in society as a lawyer, an industrialist, a politician and statesman.It is a welcome addition to the limited literature available on the Ghanaian elite; a must read for all lawyers, politicians, academics and the populace at large.

    Sam: A Life of Service to God and Country

    Lawyer. Politician. Democracy and human rights activist. Prisoner of conscience. Rotarian. Father. Grandfather.

    These are among the many roles Sam Okudzeto is most proud of. In his very easy-to-read memoir, SAM: A Life of Service to God and Country, he describes the journey from his village childhood, through his education in Europe, and finally to his life in the legal profession, politics and civil society of Ghana. As one who personally knew many of Ghana’s founding fathers and giants, and was active in politics during the seminal moments after independence, he offers a unique perspective of the people and events that shaped the history of Ghana and the growth of its democracy. He sheds light on the origins of many issues and shares his regrets such of the boycott by the legal profession during the drafting of the current Constitution in 1992 and the impact that boycott has had on national governance.

    In this must-read memoir, he shares many lessons from a life spent on the frontlines of human endeavor. Now in his 80s, and with a life well-lived, Sam Okudzeto hopes that the current generation of Ghana will continue to build upon the foundation laid by his pioneering generation.

    “Uncle Sam as some of us know him is iconic. He is larger than life in his profession, his faith and his service to humanity. His memoir deepens our respect for his intellect and joie de vivre and provide steps for us to emulate his rich and blessed life.” – Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, Executive Director, Salt & Light Ministries, Management and Communications Consultant

  • The Last Bath: A True Story

    Age Range: 8 years and above

    The Last bath is a true story of slavery and emancipation based on the sequential murals painted by the Ghanaian artist Obeh. Obeh completed a series of murals in 2016, that illustrate real-life experiences had by some Guamanians who were captured and enslaved. The Donkor Nsuo (Slave River) is in the ancestral river park located in Assin Manso, a town in the Central Region of Ghana.

    Obeh is an artist from Assin Manso, Ghana. He was chosen to paint this series of murals to tell the history of enslavement to emancipation, as it occurred in Ghana. Completed in 2016, his portrayals depict some of the unforgettable horrors of the slave trade.

  • Heritage Pack: Ghana Our Motherland (6 books)

    Age Range: 8 years and above

    A set of five books for young ones and anyone looking for a quick and easy appreciation about the country Ghana: its history, culture, traditional systems, languages, people, food and more!

    These books provides basic education about Ghanaian history, cultural practices and heritage for the Ghanaian child. Though they will prove useful for every Ghanaian (as well as non-Ghanaians), they are especially beneficial for parents who are keen on educating the Ghanaian child in the diaspora.

    These books give a foundation of Ghanaian history and cultural practices to enable readers understand and appreciate Ghanaian heritage.

    There is a bonus book that talks about Africa!

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