• It’s Time To See Again

    This is a book for people who desire to walk in discernment according to the word of God. It’s for people who are tired of living in a fool’s paradise and being deceived by the people they love and trust. This book tries to draw attention to the importance of seeking and discovering God’s truth for yourself in order to overcome self-deception and other forms of deception in various areas of your life.

  • Chosen For A Purpose

    This is a book specially written for people who are at a crossroads in life yet still struggling to identify or understand their purpose in life. It is written for those who have suffered so many setbacks and tough times that they may silently be questioning how God could possibly have a good plan for them in the midst of their challenges. This book is for those who know or sense that they have been destined to carry out a unique assignment for their families, societies, or even the world.

  • Simple Reasons To Say Thank You

    If we knew what a grateful heart does for us and the people around us, we will be more inclined to adopt a lifestyle of gratitude. Unfortunately, the expression of gratitude as a courtesy is often taken for granted even without meaning to do so. This book is intended to awaken in the reader’s mind the importance of demonstrating and expressing gratitude in a relevant manner. It provides practical examples of why and where gratitude needs to be expressed, and the opportunities we miss out on when we fail to appreciate what is given to us or done for us.

  • The Well of Life: Finding the Extraordinary in an Ordinary Person

    Let’s walk with Photini, as she defies her stigma and painful past to embark on a journey of  self-discovery, hope and healing. In The Well of Life, Photini becomes a symbol through whom the author speaks to the issue of society’s labels on single middle-aged women who are simply trying to make the most of her life in spite of their personal challenges and disappointments. It portrays the story of the Biblical Samaritan woman by bringing her character and her daily reality to life in our hearts and in our minds. The author tries to send the message to women with a history of broken relationships that there is hope and healing available in the midst of their personal crises.

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