• A Time to Part

    Age Range: 13+ years

    The Ayi Kwei Armah Novel 1st Prize” Award Winner, GAW Awards 2018 
    She’s chasing shadows, running from the past. He’ll be there to catch her when she falls.
    Seven years ago, Jasmine left everything she knew behind. Her mother was dead, her father was terminally ill, and she had broken Hagan, the only man who ever loved her. It was the perfect time to start over. Except she never left any of it behind. When an echo from the past and the search for a killer pull her back into the chaos, she’ll have to decide if letting go is too high a price to pay for her life.
    This is a story of second chances, of love that survives the worst, and the fight to hold on to the light, in the face of darkness.

    A Time to Part

  • Growing Up

    Many years ago, there were rites of passage in the African communities. These were important initiations that consciously prepared young people in their transitions through life. These days, however, young people are left to figure out their maturity by themselves. This situation has plunged many young people into frustration and despair because they made mistakes on the journey. Some others have handled it quite well and are reaping the benefits.

    This book contains real life experiences of young people who are growing up. With the youngest contributor being 21 and the oldest being 40, everyone can relate to the contents of the book. The lessons in the books are captured through the fear, disappointment, failures, successes and accomplishments of the contributors. It also speaks to diverse sub-topics that influence a growing young person such as parenting, broken homes, death, faith, and education.

    Our hope is that reading the stories in the book will give you an awakening to the fact that you need to set your own growing path and walk through it. Definitely, you too can share your story about Growing Up with us and others. You will be helping them just as this book is helping you.

    Growing Up


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