• The Cockcrow: Short Stories, Drama and Poems

    Great care has been taken in putting together this collection of short stories, poems, and a play for Junior High Schools in Ghana.

    Each story, poem or play has been selected for a purpose, which is to educate and entertain. Readers will find in them characters, events and situations they can relate to, even as they learn about types of literature and their modes of appeal.

    Above all, this collection is aimed at encouraging and sustaining the habit of reading from the Junior High School onward. In each story, poem or play, you will hear the cock crow to inform, warn and entertain in words imagined by the writers.

  • The Son of Umbele: A Play in Three Acts

    “…the contents of the play revealed a brilliant mind at work in an attempt to deal with some basic ambiguities of human existence,” wrote Julius S. Scott Jnr. of Spelma College-Atlanta, when he saw an American production of The Son of Umbele.

    Indeed, this Ghana National Book Award winner has endeared itself to theatre enthusiasts as well as scholars since its premier at the Ghana Drama studio in 1972.

    Bill Marshall’s sensitivity to realities of the human existence and the conflicts of the mind is eloquently manifest in his writing, be it a novel, a TV Drama or a Stage play.

    The author appeared on the Ghanaian Arts scene in 1966 when he joined GBC-TV and helped to establish the Drama Department of the Television Station. He worked with the Corporation for several years, writing, production and directing plays for Television, He subsequently left for the private sector, working for Lintas Ghana Limited and in his own company, Studio Africain. In 1984, he was appointed the Director of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) in Ghana.

    Other published works by the author are Novels: Bukom, Brother Man, The Oyster Man, Uncle Blanko’s Chair; Plays: Shadows of an Eagle, Stranger to Innocence Asana, The Crows and Other plays.

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