Rasheeda Adams is a professional Real Estate Investor and Developer. She is currently active in Accra, where she’s developing Built to Rent projects. After working for more than 10 years in the industry, and having held positions in, construction and property brokerage and management, there is no better person to guide you on your journey to real estate investment. ​

As a broker, she has been involved in Real Estate deals with millions of dollars in sales under her belt. over the years, her reputation as a discreet, trustworthy, and highly connected individual has garnered her a reputation as one of Accra’s most reputable real estate professionals.

Being a successful Investor herself, Rasheeda understands the importance of sussing out the right investment opportunities through market analysis and proper valuation. Her insight into the Ghanaian real estate market is unmatched, making her the toast of property investors in and out of Ghana, first-time buyers, home owners interested leverage their assets to invest, second-time buyers, and seasoned investors alike, to hold their hands as they seek to invest in both personal and investment property in West Africa.

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