Cosmos Ata Sracooh is widely recognised as one of Ghana’s leading authority in the field of tourism and hospitality. He is a master tour guide, educator, and mentor to many. A graduate of the University of Ghana, he has spent over two decades at the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Institute (HOTCATT) where he developed the signature tour guiding course curriculum and taught several courses. His training program has had an invaluable impact on the lives of hundreds of students, many of whom are successful tour guides operating in Ghana today.

In co-writing this book, Tour Guiding: The Ultimate Guide to Theory & Practice with Kwaku Passah Snr, Sracooh draws on his experience and passion for travel, tourism, hospitality and professionalism to leave a legacy, not only for Ghana ‘s tourism industry, but for West Africa in general.

When he is not teaching tourism or guiding in the field, Sracooh can be found farming, teaching French to students, listening to news about Africa, or writing poetry that reflect today’s society. He lives in Accra, Ghana, with his family.

  • Tour Guiding: The Ultimate Guide to Theory and Practice

    **Available from 16 October, 2021

    Guides are tourism professionals who lead their guests through the most interesting parts of their region. It is their task to engage visitors and to help interpret the sights that they visit. They please tourists by telling interesting but relevant narratives and respond in proactive ways to their complaints and requests. Guides are trained to always have enough knowledge and insight about the subject of the tour and ensure the safety and satisfaction of their guests.

    In this handy resource book, two seasoned practitioners have combined their working experience of a lifetime. What makes this book priceless is that it is enriched by over two decades of guide training experience as well as engagements with colleague guides, tourism professionals and a cross-section of tourists.

    “The scope of coverage is vast and will be very useful as a general guidebook for any reader seeking access to our history, geography and our rich cultural heritage.” – Mrs. Stella W. Appenteng, CEO, Apstar Tours Limited

    “Tour guiding is a bridging process around which the tourism experience revolves. This book comes to edify our tour guides on the substance and mechanics of their profession. It comes at a time when the industry has become more dynamic and in need of accurate, adequate, culture-nuanced interpretations.” – Tata Nkunu Akyea, Tourism Consultant & Tour Guide Extraordinaire

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