Charles Ohene Darkoh is a proud son of Ghana who believes in his personal heritage and also cherishes his love for the multiculturalism and beauty of Africa.
He is a practicing Physician and also holds a Master of Laws Degree. He is very passionate about Mental Health, especially as it relates to Africa. He enjoys reading and writing fiction and other subjects.
He hopes to use the power of fiction to highlight various health and socio-cultural challenges in Africa, in a light and digestible style.

  • Victims of Hope

    She grows up in a village in Ghana. Efia questions the things around her but she must learn to live with the rich but rigid culture.
    When she boards the flight to pursue a law degree at Harvard, little does she know what shocking punches life will throw at her in Boston. She returns home armed with a Law Degree, only to realize there is so much more to life in Africa, than her “book knowledge”.

    Efia falls for Big Joe. He is a great lover but he comes with great trouble. Is he also dating the only daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Ghana, the ruthless Alhaji Yusif?  Alas, Efia is already pregnant.

    Alhaji is not one to forgive… He does not.

    Ansah, Efia’s brother steps in with a plan. His sister does not deserve this.

    The yam that will burn, will burn boiled or roasted.

    Victims of Hope


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